The course of German Nationalism, from Frederick the Great to Bismarck, 1763 - 1867,  Hagen Schulze, Cambridge University Press, 1991

   "The translator is to be commended for a very readable history..."

History: Reviews of new books

A History of the Family ed. Andr√© Burgi√®re et al., Polity Press, 1996 

  "The excellent translation provides a crisp and clear text."

Times Higher Education Supplement

   "It is now a decade since these volumes appeared in French and their translation into English, impeccably done, and subsidised by the French Ministry of Culture (would that such an institution existed in Britain) makes available to students and scholars a collection of thirty essays compiled by what looks like a roll call of the most distinguished French anthropologists and historians of the family, together with four or five selected foreigners."  

Prof. Olwen Hufton,  European University Institute, Florence

iguide and itour testimonial

"Sarah Tolley has been working for iGuide Kulturaufnahme and itour City Guide as a freelance translator for over three years.

She is reliable, fast and accurate with an eye for detail. Her understanding of the German language is excellent. This is supported by her eloquent command of the English language, her wealth of educated knowledge, her research skills and her ability to translate not only specialised texts, but also more theatrical scripts and poetic texts.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to you."