Nearly thirty years' experience of translation from French and German to English, with proofreading and copy-editing of translated texts, including machine translation.

We specialise in: History books, memoirs, art books and catalogues, museum publications, novels, articles, tourism brochures, scripts, marketing websites... Livres d'histoire et d'art, catalogues et publications pour musées, romans, tourisme, manuscrits, sites web... Geschichtsbücher, Kunstbücher, Belletristik, Romane, Anübersetzungen, Publikationen für Museen, Touristik, Drehbuch...  und, natürlich, Webseiten!


Some recent publications, English translation and/or copy-editing: 

Just out! Two Falkenstein novels by Bruno Waldvogel-Frei now available in English... 

Fabric of life Textile arts in BhutanKarin Altmann, 2015

Le Corbusier / Exhibition Catalogue, published by Centre Pompidou 2015 (first half translated by ST)

Into the Kazakh Steppe, ed. Beatrice Teissier, 2014

Andrea Lehmann, Rediscovery of a lost ring, ed. Claudia Cosmo, Kerber 2013

Objekt Atlas Fieldwork in the Museum, ed. Clementine Deliss, 2012 

Piero Manzoni, When bodies became art, ed. Martin Engler, 2013

Karin Lindena, A mirror takes note, ed. Erik Hauser, 2012 

Cornelia Schleime. The colour, the body, the face, the eyes, ed. J-Ch. Ammann and A. Wesle, 2012  

Earlier translations – a selection:

View York Nine Perceptions, ed. Anna Patricia Kahn, 2011 

Justine Otto, Helter Skelter, ed. P. Kahn, 2011  

Imi Knoebel – Stained-Glass Windows in Reims Cathedral,  Kerber Art, 2011

the impact of modernity vol. 2 of A history of the family, ed. André burgière et al., Polity Press, 1996

Enterprise and Technology; the German and British steel industries 1865-1895, Ulrich Wengenroth, Cambridge University press, 1994

The Course of German Nationalism, Hagen Schulze, Cambridge University Press, 1991

Industrialisation and Everyday Life, Rudolf Braun, Cambridge University Press, 1990

History of Old Age, From Antiquity to the Present, Georges Minois, Polity Press, 1989

The Cambridge History of the Middle Ages II & III 1250-1520, ed. Robert Fossier, Cambridge University Press, 1986

Architecture and Harmony; the Use of Numbers, Measurement and Proportion in the Buildings of Western Europe,  Paul v. Naredi-Rainer, Dumont Buchverlag, Köln, 1982.